English Publications

Something Nice
Translations by D.P. Dutcher (1999)


Rainbows on Eyelashes
Translations by Midori Yoshida (1995)


Japanese Publications

Kaneko Misuzu Doyo Zenshu (The Complete Poetry of Kaneko Misuzu)
Compiled by Setsuo Yazaki.
JULA Publishing 2004.
This six-volume anthology is the primary source of Misuzu's poetry.


Doyo Shijin Kaneko Misuzu no Shogai (The Life of the Children's Poet Kaneko Misuzu)
The authoritative biography by Setsuo Yazaki.
JULA Publishing Bureau 1993.


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Memorial Museum

Kaneko Misuzu Memorial Museum is located in Nagato, Japan and was built at the site of her birthplace. In the 13 years that the Museum has been in operation, there have been 1.52 million visitors.